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Hi its so nice to meet you!


I'm a mummy with a camera (that's right! and I’m proud of it! :) 

My children have opened my eyes to all the fun and magic that they see in the world every day and i feel its so important to capture this early years with them as  I know first hand how fast life moves.
One minute you are welcoming your first baby into your life, and then the next minute you are waving to them as the go off to travel the world!! (At least it feels that fast sometimes.) Other times you are shattered and can’t believe its only 4pm. The day feels like it’s going on forever, you can’t believe you haven't even started dinner yet and you can’t wait for it to be the kid’s bed time! He he.

My kids are the reason I fell in love with taking photos. I just couldn't get enough of seeing the way they looked at the world around them and how much they enjoyed life! I wanted to remember each moment and also share them with my hubby, who missed so much while being away at work all day.

Kids are my passion when it comes to photography. I love to capture their smile, the way they play, have fun, laugh and just enjoy life like no other!

I have been doing photography  for the last 7 years. I have a diploma in digital photography from The New Zealand Photography Institute, and I have also received a GOLD  from The Kodak Gold Awards.

I look forward to hearing from you and photographing your family. :)